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Welcome to the Virginia Thespian Bulletin Board!

Due to lack of interest, the Virginia Thespian Bulletin Board has been shut down as of December 5, 2012.


When you click on the link below, you will go to the Virginia State Thespian Bulletin Board. This board is primarily intended for the use of Virginia Thespian Schools, but all interested theatre folk are welcome. We hope this site will become a crossroads for theatre in Virginia. It should be a place where students, educators, and even professionals can exchange ideas.

As you use this bulletin board, please remember that it is intended as an educational site, which doesn't mean you can't socialize as well, but please keep the communication on the highest levels with respect for all.

Virginia Thespians strongly recommends that you select not to receive e-mail from members of the forum. Selecting to receive e-mail makes your personal e-mail address available to forum members. You can still elect to receive private messages from other members within this bulletin board. That way your personal information is better protected.

Please click here to enter the Virginia Thespian Bulletin Board.

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